Dal Tadka Saver Pack


Dal Tadka Saver Pack| Instant Meal, Ready to Eat | No preservatives, no Artificial Colours 400 g (Pack of 5 X 80g)

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Insta Feast brings to you an Indian delicacy, Dal Tadka in an 80g pack. This dish is made with yellow daal and is an all time favorite, eaten with rice. This pack is nutritional and delicious & contains ingredients that are naturally procured, and does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, colors or MSG. It is ready-to-cook and don’t require so much time to prepare.

Natural Ingredients
This pack of Daal Tadka contains ingredients that are processed naturally. These ingredients are, Moong daal, Refined Sunflower Oil, Mustard seed, cumin seeds, Green chilli, salt, lemon juice and Turmeric.

Home-Made Instant Meals
Don’t have the time to prepare lunch or a proper meal? Don’t worry, our Saver pack is ready-to-eat! The process of preparing is easy and won’t take much time. Now you can devour lunch which tastes just like its home-made.

Cooking Instructions
1. Add 240ml water along with the contents of the pack into a microwave or kadai

2. Add vegetables if required

3. Cook for 2 minutes

4. Mix well and serve


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