About us

Imagine coming home after a long day at work or class and your mother opens the door and says “Go freshen up, khaana taiyyar hai “. Oh, just thinking about that hot and tasty meal gets a big smile on your face. Unfortunately, that has become just a memory for many people who live away from home, working in the cities or other countries. There comes a point when you just get tired of the pizzas and burgers and crave for ‘ghar ka khaana’. That’s where Insta Feast comes in!

A family venture, majorly owned and operated by women, Insta Feast was formed in 2016 by Shanthini Ashok and Varsha Jeetendra, a dynamic mother and daughter-in-law duo. When her son, Jeetendra Ashok had to travel for his work extensively, finding vegetarian food was difficult in some countries. That’s when Shanthini Ashok started preparing instant food products that can be prepared by just adding water. She created more than 23 varieties of products ranging from Pohas, Upmas, Biryani, Pongal and more. She even created a lot of health variants made from Millets. It was such a big success that after a while people started buying from her and the idea for Insta Feast was born. Insta Feast was further strengthened with the addition of Ashutosh Ananth and Apeksha Ananth helping in sales and administration respectively.

A self-funded project, Insta Feast aims to change the way students and working professionals away from home eat and eventually changing the way India looks at instant food. We all think of ready meals as laden with preservatives and MSG, making it incredibly unhealthy. Well, all of the meals Insta Feast produces has no MSG, no added colouring, and no preservatives with clear calorific values making it a healthier option than instant noodles. And don’t you worry about the taste! Insta Feast offers a wide range of all your authentic Indian favourites. Insta Feast aims to make healthy and homely meals available to people across India and the globe. The products are currently available online and will be available in retail stores. Insta Feast is also exploring to make its products available for all the Indians away from home.

Changing people’s perspective about instant meals, Insta Feast is on a mission to change the way India cooks and eats, one healthy, hearty and homely meal at a time.

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