How can Insta Feast save you for a simple Sunday feast?

Children are a joy to have only when they do something joyous — on a day-to-day basis, it’s hell! Being a mum to a 14-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old boy makes you feel like you’ve been driven mad for 24 years.

Being a mom has a lot of social issues & challenges too. Do this, do that. School project A, dance class B, tuition C & spending time with friends. Their lives are more happening than mine. That is simply sad! And no matter what I do, I simply cannot compare to Smita Aunty.

She is too much! ‘Mom, Smita Aunty made this today’, ‘Mom, Smita Aunty has guests over, she called me also to eat. Can I go? ‘Mamma, I’m not well. Can you ask Smita Aunty to make soup?’ Aargh! I’ve had enough — but my busy schedule really doesn’t allow me to spend so much time in the kitchen. Not daily.

Or so I thought!

One day, Dhruv, my son brought home a few friends. And it being a Sunday, I wanted to be lazy. The unannounced friends came home at 1 PM, and Dhruv without telling me, saw fit to invite them for lunch. At 1:15 he told me he was hungry, and asked me what’s for lunch? He also dropped a line which mentioned his friends would be staying for lunch.

‘Wow! My Sunday just got ruined.’ It takes forever to cook for 4 kids. Kids were picky. And on Sunday . . . kids were extra picky.

It was at that moment, when I realised that I’d something in the kitchen which would save me. A bunch of packets which would save my Sunday! The packets of Insta Feast.

In a jiffy, I was up & ready to take on the challenge of cooking for 4 kids. Wait, make that 5 — I’ve two of my own. With Insta Feast, cooking is easy. All I’d to do to make the Feast was boil water or heat water. And stir! Just the right amount of cooking for a Sunday.

And that was that! I had my Sunday. Take that Smita Aunty!

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