Rasam should be India’s soup – Here’s why

It is said that food and drink help in remembering one’s cherished memories. It’s probably why there’s food at all weddings and events. Go to multiple Indian weddings, and you’ll discover there is only soup in common.

Rasam. Not India’s national soup; an honour which goes to Mulligatawny — the national soup of Sri Lanka. India shares it national soup with its neighbour down south, which begs the question: Why?! For a food culture as diverse and localised as India, finding a tasty, delicious & healthy soup shouldn’t be a problem.

And it really is not!

The smartest choice in India’s broad culinary repertoire – Rasam.

Unlike exotic soups, Rasam is made of homely ingredients, “local spices” & ghar-ka-flavours — the most important factor in determining the “nationality” of the food. The flavours and palate are intrinsically Indian, and not necessarily shared by other countries. But most of all, Rasam is comforting. More than the cream of mushroom, vegetable szechuan or tomato soup which popularise the markets.

Soothing and satiating to every part, Rasam is packed with nutrition; the spicy, peppery and flavourful drink is one of the most common home remedies, & as Indians, we must accept one thing – We love our home remedies!

‘But Rasam is hard to make…’ said no person ever!

Rasam was never hard to make, and modern technology has further simplified the process of making this humble soup. All you need — Hot water. And whether you’re trekking through the Alps, the Andes or the Himalayas, hot water is not hard to come by.

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine you are carrying lentils, tomato, tamarind pulp, spices, herbs, condiments and water on a trip (that would add a lot of unnecessary weight to your backpack — and if the tomatoes were to get squished, cleaning your backpack will be one heck of task). We’re not asking you to do that.

All you need is the Insta Feast Rasam packets. Healthy, hearty and homely, the rasam can be prepped with just hot water. And when it’s snowing, or you’re homesick, or simply having a rough day remember — Rasam’ll be there for you!

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